Learn more about me and my 12 month challenge to change my long and irregular cycles in to the ideal fertile cycle. 


My monthly results

The results of the lifestyle changes shown on my fertility charts over the course of 2016.  See how I slowly but surely brought ovulation forward by 10 days and lengthened my luteal phase, resulting in more regular cycles.


Delicious, easy, fertility friendly recipes developed through a year of experiments and disasters.


10 steps to fertility

Details of the 10 positive steps I'm taking to help restore my fertility, regulate my hormonal imbalance and my cycles, including exactly how, what and why.


A lighthearted look at the current topics, tests and trials facing me on my fight to get preggers.



There is specialist gear, swag and kit for everything these days and getting preggers is no exception.  A handy list of all the items that I am using whilst trying to fight the good fight.

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