Big Fat Positivity.

A humorous and light-hearted website on battling infertility that is full of positivity, action, food and laughter. Fertility struggles are depressing enough without any added doom and gloom. This site has one single aim - to make you smile.



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On a mission to improve my fertility and health through food and lifestyle changes. Reporting on the tests, treatments, experiments, adventures (sounds too fun) and trials (yep, that’s more like it) that are faced by those struggling to conceive.

Documenting infertility.

Weekly giveaways.

On selected Fridays, The Preggers Kitchen will be hosting a fertility, health and wellness related giveaway.

For this week’s giveaway, 5 lucky winners will receive IVF cards designed to bring a little light and positivity to your day. Click here to enter giveaway.

You are not alone.

….as Michael Jackson sang. And it is true. Many people are struggling with infertility, but it just isn’t talked about (understandably, it’s very personal). So on this website I talk about it, in detail. In fact, you can’t shut me up. This is infertility city, where anything goes and nothing is off limits.

IVF Series
An insider view on what it is like to go through IVF treatment - the good, the bad and the very ugly

10 Actions
To help restore my fertility and regulate my cycles - including how, what and why.

Fertility Book reviews
Reviews of fertility books to help you to decide which ones are best suited for you.

Fertility friendly recipes and articles developed through a year of experiments and disasters.