There is so much information out there on how to improve your chances of conceiving and improving your health prior to getting pregnant.  I have read most of it, from the evidence based research to the weird and wacky, and I am happy to try most things in the pursuit of having a baby.  But not all of it will work for my body, even if it works for others and I don't want to do anything that adversely impacts my chances of getting pregnant.  So I decided to experiment and note the impacts on my body.

My Cycle Challenge consists of 10 lifestyle factors that I am focussing on that should have the biggest positive impact on regulating my cycles and making me a super fertile being.  If the action that I take appears to agree with my body (see My Monthly Results) then I will keep it up and tackle the next one until I am successfully living well in all 10 areas.  Any actions that do not feel good for my body will be reported and then ceremoniously ditched.

The 10 lifestyle factors addressed during my 12 month cycle challenge are:

  1. Fixing my gut

  2. Get a handle on stress

  3. Add fats and fertility superfoods

  4. Create a sleep routine

  5. Drink the right liquids, and lots of them

  6. Add vitamins and herbs

  7. Limit or cut out alcohol

  8. Start fertility friendly exercise

  9. Reduce your chemicals

  10. Reduce your sugar

I shall start with steps 1 and 2 as the research indicates that tackling these two are fundamental to fertility and cycle health.  The others I will deal with depending on my mood that month, adding a little spontaneity to the process.  The end result, which I aim to reach around the 6 month mark (June 2016) is that i am sticking to a regime which conquers each and every aspect of the 10 steps.  The second half of 2016 I will focus on embedding this new lifestyle so that it becomes part of my daily habit and hopefully watch proudly as my monthly results show a dramatic improvement in my fertility and cycle health.

And if I get pregnant within 2016?  Then that will be mission accomplished and the focus will shift towards detailing lifestyle choices for a healthy pregnancy.

And finally.... be patient

It can take a long time for our bodies to recover and rebuild full health.