This series of articles explores the IVF process from start to finish. For those waiting to start IVF,it provides an insight in to what to expect. For those already going through IVF, it provides support (and hopefully a few knowing nods). In bewildering detail and with an abundance of oversharing, I outline my personal experience from being transferred for NHS funded IVF right through to egg transfer and the nail biting pregnancy test.

How long does it take to get referred for IVF?

My estimated IVF timings were wrong, oh so very wrong.  In fact, they were out by 4 months. Here I share details of my IVF transfer process and timeframes to help you to avoid dashed expectations.

IVF egg collection

Egg collection is the time in the IVF process that everything is totally out of your hands and you have to surrender to the consultants.  This article sets out a day in the life of a person being harvested.

What happens at the initial IVF consultation?

The most eagerly anticipated, long awaited, important appointment on our three year infertility calendar - the IVF initial consultation.  But what the hell happens at it?  What do I ask?  

Embryo Transfer and Progesterone Pessaries

This is where IVF really comes into its own.  Messy pessaries that ruin your pants, popping things up your bum, nerve wracking calls from the embryologist and full frontal genital exposure during embryo transfer.  

are ivf injections painful

Injections are one of the most daunting aspects of IVF, but are they really that bad?  This article considers the key questions, surprises and issues that I experienced during my druggie phase of IVF.

The two week wait and test day

IVF is emotionally tough and no aspect of it more so than the tortuous two week wait. This article covers my two week wait, when to do a home pregnancy test (and not to test), what the blooming heck is a Beta, why you are p*ssing your money away by obsessing over line progression and what to expect at the callously named 'viability scan'.