The Preggers Kitchen has featured in the following press and media:


In January 2018 I was privileged to take part in an article for Grazia Magazine which discussed IVF Warriors and the online community of women supporting each other through the tough times. This article is available to read here.


Natalie, from The Fertility Podcast, has kindly adopted me as her guest reviewer of fertility books. The Fertility Podcast is a fantastic resource with one main mission - to give you support, information and peace of mind on your journey to start a family. The podcast was created for all of you whose plans have not been as straight forward as you’d hoped (I’m raising my hand straight in the air - that’s definitely me). The podcasts in which I feature are provided below, but there is a wealth of information and support available, so check out past episodes either at The Fertility Podcast website or on Apple Podcasts.

  • Izzy Judd’s Dare to Dream

  • Emma Cannon’s Fertile 

  • John Yudkin’s Pure, White and Deadly


Waffling about infertility and IVF on my own site is one thing, but being invited to waffle on someone else’s site, well… that’s pretty special.

The Preggers Kitchen in the media

Nourish Fertility

Nourish Fertility interviewed me for their site about how I set goals related to PCOS in order to reclaim my health and take back control of my fertility, including a discussion of my 12 month challenge to regulate my cycles.

Fertile Girl - the preggers kitchen in the media

Fertile Girl

My fertility journey appeared in Fertile Girl’s ‘Real Talk’ blog. Fertile Girl is a website designed to open the conversation on infertility and not to shy away from talking about the hard stuff.