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5th July - PositIVFity cards

5 lucky winners will receive beautiful positIVFity cards - to bring a little sunshine to your day!

PositIVFity cards fertility giveaway for IVF blog
PositIVFity cards fertility giveaway for IVF blog

These beautiful little cards are designed to bring a little light and positivity to your day, which is perfect for those on an IVF journey or for anyone on a path to parenthood. You could win them for yourself as a great pick me up, or win them for a friend or family member.

Each pack contains 28 cards and measure 8.5cm x 5.5cm. Choose one each day to read, display, carry with you or even share with a friend. 

PositIVFity giveaway - IVF positivity cards giveaway on an IVF blog

About PositIVFity

PositIVFity cards fertility giveaway for IVF blog

PositIVFity is run by Hannah, who has used her own experience of TTC to put together some products that she hopes will bring a smile to your face as you navigate the path to parenthood. Whether it's a much deserved gift to yourself or something to brighten the day of a friend.

When explaining the concept behind PositIVFity, Hannah explains:

“When we first began TTC and fertility treatment I struggled to find support, I didn’t know anyone else who was going through it or had experience of it. I was scared to talk to anyone about it, embarrassed about how I felt and how others reacted and struggled to maintain many things, friendships and work amongst them. But that’s changed now. I want to be a spokesperson for all those TTC, I feel a sense of duty to stand strong and loud for those struggling to find their voice. I’m no longer the woman afraid to speak about this pain. So, when the opportunity came and the time was right I wanted to set up a business, about my passion and what I know best i.e. dates with wanda, numerous tests and injections and the endless waiting. I wanted to make some products to help people along this path, to bring a little sunshine, provide support and offer some light in the dark of those somewhat gloomy days. We hope that you find some things on here to treat yourself or to buy for a friend, because no-one loves anything more than getting exciting post! I hope to grow this community, to bring people together and offer some insights via the blog and news sections.

One thing I’ve learned on this journey is that everyone in this community has your back, and we’ve got yours.”