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14th June - Fueling Male Fertility by Lauren Manaker

One lucky winner will receive Fueling Male Fertility by Lauren Manaker!

Fueling male fertility by lauren manaker giveaway

Book GIVEAWAY- Fueling Male Fertility

In a market dominated by advice to females on our fertility, finally here is a fantastic book on male fertility. About time too, given that according to the book, fertility issues are equally distributed between males and females with 40-50% of infertility cases being due to a male factor.

What does the book aim to do? Well, to quote from the book itself, it will:

  1. Provide an understanding of the man’s role in reproduction, and how his lifestyle plays a role in couples becoming pregnant.

  2. Offer the evidence that supports potential enhancement of male fertility through diet and lifestyle, which may be the missing link of why couples are unsuccessful at conceiving.

  3. Showcase in a simple format the proven, basic changes you can make to your diet and lifestyle to help you achieve your goals based on any specific diagnosis you may have (like low sperm count, etc.). No gimmicks, just science.


The topics covered in the book include:

  • Why men should care about fertility,

  • diet and lifestyle factors that affect infertility,

  • obesity, mediterranean diet,

  • antioxidants, trans-fats, omega 3 fatty acids/seafood/nuts, vitamin D, dairy, soy,

  • alcohol, caffeine,

  • exercise/sleep/stress,

  • cigarette smoking, marijuana/cannabis,

  • scrotal temperature, (I’m suppressing a little giggle right now)

  • endocrine/hormone disruptors, and

  • recommendations.

Click here to read my review of this fantastic little book.

Fueling male fertility by lauren manaker giveaway

About Lauren Manaker

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Lauren Manaker is a Registered Dietitian turned entrepreneur and author. She launched her business after struggling with infertility and becoming a mother. Her personal experiences shed a spotlight on how much anecdotal and unsupported information is out there, and Lauren has made it her mission is to make accurate nutrition advice more accessible.