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7th June - Father's Day Special - Classic Shaving Kit from The Personal Barber

As a Father’s Day Special, why not celebrate your other half, regardless of whether he is a father, with a fabulous Classic Shaving Kit from The Personal Barber

The personal barber father's day giveaway

Father’s Day

Sunday 16th June is Father’s Day here in the UK. Maybe your partner is finally a father after a long hard struggle. Or maybe he is still a father-in-waiting and he enjoys Father’s Day as much as a slap in the face. Either way, the men deserve spoiling because the long, hard road that some of us travel to get our families aren’t taken alone. Our partners are there too, supporting us all the way. So why not show a little love this Father’s Day and win a super posh shaving kit for your rock.

The Classic Starter Kit

The Personal Barber is the ultimate shaving subscription service for men, all about making regular grooming an enjoyable experience rather than a chore. The Personal Barber is supporting the infertility community this Father’s Day by gifting their Classic Shaving Starter Kit featuring the complete range of goods to get the morning routine off to the best possible start.

Use code: PREGGERSKITCHEN for 20% off the complete shaving starter kit.

If you've ever wanted to throw away your polluting multi-bladed cartridge razor and learn to shave in style like a proper gentleman, without committing to a subscription, this is the kit for you, featuring:

The Personal Barber Father's Day Giveaway
  • TPB signature classic safety razor

  • TPB luxurious synthetic hair shaving brush

  • Haslinger Honey shaving soap

  • 5 Derby DE razor blades,

  • A pack of Legends London alum sticks

  • The outstanding SA.AL&CO After Shave Balm (RRP €32)

  • Admiral Grooming Pre-shave Oil (RRP £9.99)

  • Our step by step guide on mastering your new grooming tools.

That's over £75 worth of shaving bliss up for grabs in this week’s giveaway. To see other products and subscriptions offered by the The Personal Barber, visit here.

Infertility giveaway freebie the personal barber father's day giveaway

About The Personal Barber

"The ultimate shaving subscription for men"

The personal barber father's day giveaway shaving kit

The Personal Barber’s aim is simple: to turn your shaving routine into an experience to look forward to, rather than a daily chore. That means better products, a closer shave, and more enjoyable.

No more gimmicky razors with 10 blades, vibrating handles, detachable nose trimmers and god knows what else. They promote the old-school style of a single blade razor and brush, not because it's a hipster alternative, but because it genuinely gives a great quality shave and, most of all, it's really satisfying to use.

Their subscription service is a great way to discover interesting new brands and products you otherwise wouldn't have come across, as each box features a different selection of items curated from around the world.