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31st May - 10 Day Mindset Shift Course by Alice Rose

One lucky winner will receive access to a 10 Day Mindset Shift Course by Alice Rose

Infertility mindset course giveaway freebie

10 Day Mindset Shift Course

When we're going through infertility, we feel out of control, hopeless and vulnerable much of the time, but there are ways to take ownership of your heart and soul, with just a little dedication and commitment. 

Win online access to a 10 Day Mindset Shift Course and learn how to witness your thoughts, decide what to do about them and start living more joyfully as a result. Get yourself into a great headspace in just 5 to 10 minutes a day. Throughout the ten days be guided, for about 5 minutes each day, with meditations, visualisations and journal prompts through bespoke, clear and focussed framework, curated to gently take you through to a new way of thinking.

It's perfect if:

  • you're feeling stuck or left behind

  • you're feeling scared you'll never have the baby you're trying for

  • you're struggling with anger, jealousy, sadness or any other feeling

  • you're ready to start living your life again and reconnect to YOU!

Infertility giveaway freebie mindset course for fertility by Alice Rose

About Alice Rose

Alice rose infertility

Alice is a 35 year old IVF-Mum of one, living in London with her husband and daughter. She is the Creative Development Director at an award winning independent production company Quidem Productions. She started writing for herself ( the minute she started trying to get pregnant. She thought it might not quite go to plan and, to cut a long story short:

She was right!

Read more about why she started her website here. Alice’s aim is to continue to uplift and inspire as many people as possible through her writing, social media, campaign, podcasts and live events. If you're on Facebook or Twitter you can find her there too, though Instagram is where the action, debate and support is REALLY happening.