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12th April - His and Hers natural deodorant GIVEAWAY - Ben & Anna

5 lucky winners will receive 2 natural soda deodorants each from Ben & Anna. No toxins, no nasties and no plastic packaging!

(Open to entrants in the UK and Ireland only)

Ben & Anna natural deodorants giveaway

Go toxin free for fertility

Chemicals and toxins can have a negative impact on fertility. Eliminating toxins as far as possible (it’s tricky as they are everywhere in today’s world) will help us to have the healthiest and most fertile bodies. Some of the worst offenders are our toiletries. We need to be especially careful with personal care products that we leave on our skin all day, such a deodorants.

It can be difficult to find natural and non-toxic deodorants that a) smell nice (not too hippy) and b) are effective in tackling the sweat. I can confirm from personal usage that Ben & Anna soda deodorants pass both these tests with flying colours!

Ben & Anna natural deodorants - best toxin free skincare for fertility
Ben & Anna natural deodorants - best toxin free skincare for fertility

Ben & Anna Deodorants

Thanks to a combination of select natural ingredients, Ben & Anna soda Deodorants offer reliable protection against body odour and sweat. The deodorant is wrapped in paper tubes made from recycled paper. It’s good for your skin and good for the environment! They are certified as natural & organic by NaTrue and vegan by the Vegan Society.

If you have been considering making the switch to a natural deodorant, or if you are trialling different brands on the market trying to find the best fit for you, then this giveaway is the perfect opportunity to give Ben & Anna a try.

The 5 winners will each be able to choose 2 deodorants from a selection of 7 delicious scents….

Ben & Anna natural deodorant giveaway

Ben & Anna natural deodorant giveaway

About Ben & Anna

Ben & Anna natural soda deodorant giveaway

After a long time living the good life in Berlin, Ben and Anna made the decision to leave the urban jungle and to move back to the countryside of their Hessian homeland. As a strictly vegan couple Ben and Anna have always paid close attention to what they consumed. Their purchasing habits have always predominantly consisted of products from sustainable and / or organic sources. In the realm of cosmetic products, they have always trusted in the power of nature as well.

They had long been searching for a suitable deodorant to use. It needed to be vegan, not tested on animals and without aluminum. It was impossible to find anything that fit the bill. So Ben and Anna decided to develop their own deodorant which is based solely on all natural ingredients and is free of parabens. It’s a deodorant which can be used by men and women alike. After several attempts, and a lot of time and tinkering they were ready to launch their new deodorant, of which they are very proud.