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8th March - GIVEAWAY - My IVF Journey - Diary by Nothing But Lovely

One lucky winner will receive ‘My IVF Journey’

The ‘My IVF Journey’ diary is a simple and discreet diary designed by Tracey Sharp of Nothing But Lovely to help you plan and document your fertility treatment.

My IVF Journal - IVF diary giveaway from Nothing But Lovely

The beautifully presented A5 sized hardback notebook contains 3 undated monthly calendars (can be used whenever you start your treatment), space for your consultation and treatment notes (it is so easy to get overwhelmed and forget every word spoken as soon as you leave the consultant’s office), a medication checklist (because you don’t want to mix up those bad boys) and space to write down important dates and results - keeping them handy and all in one place. It lets you focus on your fertility treatment, both by decluttering the mind so that you can place your sole attention on IVF, and as a place to record your thoughts, emotions and feelings about your treatment.

The undated daily pages take you through down regulation, stimulation, egg collection, embryo transfer and the two week wait - each page has space to note down appointments, medication, meal planning, hydration, gratitude and how you are feeling. There are extensive notes pages (useful for random ramblings, for which I have plenty) and positive sayings and tips to help you through your cycle.

‘My IVF Journey’ is a wonderful accompaniment to any IVF, frozen embryo transfer, or other fertility treatment either for you or as a sweet and thoughtful gift for a friend of family member about to embark on a medicated cycle.


Tracey Sharp, the creator of My IVF Journey, is an IVF mum who provides support to others trying to conceive via her Instagram account. You can follow her @a_diary_for_ivf .

About Nothing But Lovely

Tracey Sharp - Nothing But Lovely IVF journal

Nothing But Lovely is an online shop selling beautifully simple stationery and gifts, made in the UK. It is run by Tracey Sharp, a graphic designer from Brigstock, England with a passion for simple, clean typography, lovely words and beautiful finishes. When not in her studio, Tracey loves to spend time with her two young daughter, watching her husband play cricket or curling up by her fire.

My IVF Journey diary was designed by Tracey when she was going through her second round of IVF treatment in 2017. Not only was it a welcome distraction during that time but writing everything down really helped Tracey to de-stress so she knew it would be a useful tool for others too. The diary continues to help so many people and Tracey is privileged that many customers have taken the time to send back heartwarming notes of thanks.