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29th March - Emma Cannon books GIVEAWAY

One lucky winner will receive 2 fertility books by leading fertility specialist Emma Cannon to help them on their way to motherhood

Emma cannon fertility book giveaway freebie
Emma Cannon book giveaway


Emma Cannon brings a holistic approach to fertility, fusing Eastern and Western traditions with great success in her London clinic. This beautifully illustrated book brings together her wealth of experience to give readers practical ways to improve their health and wellbeing ready for conception and pregnancy.

* Over 50 recipes with key nutrients to nourish your body
* Cleansing plans to optimise your health
* Targeted advice for those undertaking IVF
* Holistic approach to specific fertility problems such as PCOS and endometriosis
* Advice on how to rebalance after miscarriage

You and Your Bump - Emma Cannon book giveaway

You And Your Bump

Written by a leading complementary fertility specialist, Emma Cannon, this companion for pre-conception, pregnancy and the postnatal period blends the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine with conventional Western medical practice. With her fusion approach, Emma offers advice to help mums-to-be prepare for labour and post-birth and solutions to pregnancy-related conditions.

You and Your Bump gently takes you through each stage of your pregnancy with advice on:

* Your general health and lifestyle, good nutrition and the link between emotions and physical health
* Baby development and changes to your body
* Common pregnancy conditions and treatments, with both Eastern and Western approaches
* Preparing for labour and motherhood
* How dads can help at each stage

About Emma Cannon

Emma Cannon is a fertility and women’s health expert, registered acupuncturist, founder of the Emma Cannon Clinic, and a mentor and speaker. With over 20 years in clinical practice, from her fertility rooms she has helped countless patients achieve their dream of having a family. She is the author of four books including the best-selling The Baby Making Bible. Her fifth book, FERTILE, was published by Vermillion in March 2017.

Emma Cannon book giveaway

Bridging the gap between western medicine and the world of complimentary therapies, Emma is an impartial support and guide, helping each individual find the path to healing that’s right for them. Many individuals and couples come to Emma for her unique approach to supporting all aspects of female and male fertility, whilst other patients are seeking relief from difficult symptoms during pregnancy or post-partum.

Taking a highly personalised and holistic approach, Emma’s clinic offers acupuncture, diet and nutrition advice, diagnostic testing for fertility issues, and support throughout assisted fertility treatment. Emma also runs a clinic at the Lister Hospital where she and her team support IVF patients.

Emma holds a Bachelor of Science and is a member of the British Acupuncture Council and The College of Medicine. She has attended training with The Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology in The Management and Treatment of Infertility. She writes regularly for Natural Health Magazine and The Huffington Post and has contributed to many newspapers, magazines and radio programmes, as well as being included in Tatler Magazine’s Top 250 Private Doctors. She speaks regularly on the subject of fertility and in October 2016 she gave a keynote for TedX Covent Garden Women It’s About Time We Valued Being Fertile.