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1st March - Coombe Farm Organic - Giveaway - Introduction to broth box

One lucky UK winner will receive an Introduction to Broth Box from the award winning Coombe Farm Organic

Bone broth is fantastic for fertility. It can help heal poor digestion, is a great source of calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, potassium and many trace minerals, helps with the body’s natural detoxification and has been shown to reduce blood pressure and blood sugar. If using the term ‘superfoods’ is still in vogue then bone broth is the quintessential superfood.

Nutritionist, Lily Nichols, says ‘Bones contain more minerals per ounce than any other body tissue’ but she advises that ‘As with all animal foods, source your meat and bones from pasture raised and grass-fed animals wherever possible.’ Sourcing your bone broth from an organic farm, such as Coombe Farm, with the highest standards of animal welfare is so important. Everyone on the hunt for health, wellness and optimal fertility needs broth in their life and there is no better way to trial it than the Introduction to Broth Box by Coombe Farm Organic. You can check out numerous different broths and see which flavours best suite your tastes.

Coombe Farm introduction to broth box giveaway

The box contains a delicious mixture of their broth range and includes:

2 x Organic Chicken Bone Broths

2 x Organic Beef Bone Broths

1 x Organic Lamb Bone Broths

1 x Organic Apple, Miso and Seaweed Broth 

1 x  Organic Chicken Pho Broth 

And all of this is up for grabs in this week’s giveaway!

Coombe Farm Organic bone broth giveaway

About Coombe Farm Organic

Coombe Farm Organic Bone Broth giveaway

If you would like to try Coombe Farm’s organic produce use the code ‘TRYUS’ to receive free delivery.  

Coombe Farm Organic have been farming in Somerset since the 1940’s and decided 20 years ago to become organically certified by the Soil Association. They’re certain that it’s their ethical farming choices that create the unbeatable flavours found in the food they produce.

They launched Coombe Farm Organic in 2015, working closely with Ryan, their farm manager they are incredibly proud to rear award-winning beef and lamb. They also partner with several other Soil Association certified farmers to bring you ethically raised, humanely slaughtered, skilfully butchered and flavoursome meat of exceptional quality – all year around.

Buying organic food gives you a guarantee that the ingredients have been farmed or reared in a natural way. It’s important to Coombe Farm Organic to avoid environmentally damaging chemical fertilisers that compromise the soil’s wellbeing. Instead they strive to create healthy, fertile fields that promote biodiversity.

Also essential to them is making sure that all of their animals are reared with the highest possible standards of welfare. Organic ingredients are fully traceable and audited. Without that Soil Association stamp, there’s no assurance of how and where your food has been produced.

Winning the Soil Association BOOM award for Best Online Organic Retailer in 2017 was a massive achievement for Coombe Farm Organic. It was tremendous recognition for the team and all of the fantastic organic producers with whom they work. Over the years they have also won several Taste of the West and Great Taste Awards which have all given them confidence that what they do is worth it.

All of their passion towards quality produce is shown in their 100% recyclable boxes which are carefully packed and delivered direct to your door.