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22nd Feb - Jizo & Chibi - Giveaway large gold Chibi fertility necklace

One lucky winner will receive a Jizo & Chibi large gold Chibi necklace with a white topaz stone set in to the chain.

This beautiful Buddhist necklace, from the online Etsy shop Jizo & Chibi, depicts Chibi, the 'Little One' in Japanese, the perfect talisman to accompany you on your fertility journey. If you want to conceive, you are going through fertility treatment, or if you have lost a baby, this necklace can be worn as a loving reminder that your (inner) child is held and protected at all times.  Nurture yourself every day with Chibi’s energy, calm your anxieties and hold your future baby in mind by wearing baby Chibi around your neck as a positive visualisation of life to come.  

Like a star for Chibi to wish upon, this necklace comes with a fixed white topaz set into the chain. White topaz is connected to the throat chakra and is the stone of the seeker. Those seeking fertility can wear it as a reminder of their baby, their hopes or their struggles.

Jizo & Chibi - giveaway necklace
Jizo & Chibi necklace giveaway

About Jizo & Chibi

The mission of Jizo & Chibi: To bring home a piece of inner peace.

Jizo and Chibi necklace for fertility

Jizo and Chibi is a website and blog created by Valerie Johns which integrates Buddhist principles with psychotherapy. It is also an online Etsy shop selling beautiful and meaningful jewellery, art and statues.

Valerie created a childlike image of Chibi, which grew out of the Buddhist principles of compassion and loving-kindness which she was integrating into her counselling practice. But it was when Valerie first drew Jizo, who holds all babies - born and unborn - safely and is the protector of women, children and travellers, that her husband encouraged her to make her images in to jewellery in order to help people.

Jizo & Chibi Jewellery lovingly protects the wearer, their Statues and Art remind us to pause, and their hand drawn Storybooks are wonderful teaching tools for young and old alike. The Guided Meditations and Breathing Exercises are part of their offerings, along with the Mindfulness and Meditation Blog, to help with anxiety, depression and and life’s challenges.