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15th Feb - Circle & Bloom - Giveaway 2x Mind, Body Visualisation Program

Circle and Bloom

Circle + Bloom Giveaway - 2x Mind, Body Visualisation Programs

Two lucky winners will receive a Circle + Bloom fertility meditation program of their choice

To help them to achieve their health and fertility goals by harnessing the power of the mind/body connection.

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About Circle + Bloom

Meditation and visualisation—picturing situations—are powerful tools you can engage to de-stress and take control of your life. Circle + Bloom are passionate about the potential of the mind-body connection. Women have successfully used their programs to increase fertility, get pregnant and improve their general health. You don’t need any equipment, supplements, or medication to start their guided meditation programs, which are under 25 minutes (many are around 15 minutes). Listen to them daily or when you need them to achieve your desired health goals and influence your specific circumstances. 

Fertility Meditation Programs

  • Natural Cycle for Fertility Program

  • IVF/IUI Mind-Body Program

  • Frozen Embryo Transfer Program

  • PCOS Fertility Program

  • PCOS Program for Health

  • Egg Donation Bundle – For the Hopeful Parent and the Donor

  • Egg + Embryo Donation for the Hopeful Parent

  • Egg Donation for the Donor Program

  • Positive Thinking and Mindfulness Program

  • Stress Reduction Program

  • Healthy Pregnancy and Delivery

  • Happy Birth Program

Try it for free….

FREE Fertility Relaxation Program

Feel optimistic about your future pregnancy

De-stress and prepare your body for pregnancy with this free guided meditation for fertility.

FREE Healing and Recovery

Free guided meditations to help you heal after a miscarriage

Have you recently miscarried? It can be a traumatic and isolating experience. This free guided meditation can help you work through your grief and look forward to the future.