Golden milk - hot turmeric and ginger drink

This should be known as Anti-InflamaTea. Healing turmeric and ginger almond milk, known as 'golden milk' due to its vibrant colour, is quick and easy to make and is naturally sweet, making it a great pick me up.  


350 ml almond milk
3-4 cm fresh turmeric
3-4 cm fresh ginger
5 twists of freshly ground black pepper
1 pinch of ground cinnamon


Heat the 350ml of almond milk in a pan over a medium heat.  Meanwhile, peel off the outer layer of the ginger and the turmeric.  Then either grate the turmeric and ginger directly into the pan or chop the finer and thermic into small chunks and place in area strainer.  Add the freshly ground black pepper and the cinnamon and leave to simmer for 10 minutes (being careful not to let it boil).

After 10 minutes, remove from the heat and pour into a mug.  If you grated directly into the pan then the golden milk will have small bits of ginger and turmeric floating in it which sink to the bottom of the mug and can be thrown away at the end.  If these offend you, pour the milk into the mug through a sieve.  


1) Don't be tempted to miss out the ground pepper.  It sounds like a weird addition to a hot drink, I know, but the pepper helps the body to benefit from the turmeric, and I personally cannot taste the pepper.

2) Fresh turmeric is like the yellow equivalent of beetroot, it stains everything it touches.  To help avoid yellow fingers, which look similar to the nicotine talons of a lifelong smoker, use a slightly longer piece and don't peel off all of the outer layer but leave a small section on one end for you to hold whilst grating or chopping.