Cycle Issues

What does the ‘perfect’ cycle look like?

Many of us are coaxing, teasing, encouraging (and sometimes downright manipulating) our cycles to try to optimise our chances of conceiving.  So what are we aiming for?  If we could wake up tomorrow and pick every aspect of our future cycles, what does the research suggest we should chose to be the most fertile?

Short Luteal phase

Luteal phase defect was a condition first described in 1949 and despite the primary mention being almost 70 years ago, the understanding and research on this issue is still incomplete and it remains a controversial topic.  So what is a luteal phase defect?  Is it really a problem and if so how can you treat it? 

My monthly results

Fertility charts showing the impact of my 12 month challenge, in which I aimed to regulate my cycles and improve my fertility. Each month describes the action taken to bring forward ovulation and increase the luteal phase.