Infertility - Pressing pause on life (and fast forward on the body clock)

Many sacrifices are made in the name of fertility.  All my spare cash is spent on supplements with unpronounceable names or on a fertility masseuse to pummel my abdomen and do something to me feet that is only reserved for CIA black sites.  All my spare time and energy is spent reading books and research on fertility, like I’m doing a medical degree on a poorly administered night course with non-existent support and no qualification at the end of it.  So many things have been put on pause that I sometimes feel like I am no longer living my life.  Here are a few of the things that I would be enjoying if I were not infertile.

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The 'Perfect' cycle: What are the most fertile characteristics according to the evidence?

Many of us are coaxing, teasing, encouraging (and sometimes downright manipulating) our cycles to try to optimise our chances of conceiving.  So what are we aiming for?  If we could wake up tomorrow and pick every aspect of our future cycles, what does the research suggest we should chose to be the most fertile?

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5 things not to say to an infertile woman (or risk a punch in the face)

Given the distress and emotional angst that it causes, why are people so insensitive when talking about infertility to those who are suffering? 

I’m positive no harm is intended and that the authors of these comments may find it difficult to appreciate the inappropriateness.  In fact, they would probably be mortified to realise that their comments caused pain.  So let me help you out.  For any readers that have never suffered with fertility problems and don’t know what to say,  steer away from the comments in Part A and focus on those in Part B. You don't want to add more hurt to a suffering soul.

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