Fertility Book Review: Fueling Male Fertility

A book review of Fueling Male Fertility by Lauren Manaker. A practical guide to how lifestyle choices can impact sperm health and how to take action to help improve common issues in male fertility. The review contains my top 5 takeaway nuggets of info from the book as well as my view on whether this tiny pocket rocket of a book is worth a purchase.

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What is the procedure for frozen Embryo Transfer? How the FET do I get my embryo back?

What is the procedure for frozen embryo transfer? I am lucky enough to have two frosties currently freezing their arses off, waiting for me to collect them. But how the FET do I go about getting them back? How long do I have to wait after giving birth to my first IVF baby? Can I breastfeed whilst going through treatment? What is the waiting list and how much does it cost? These are just some of the plentiful questions I explore in this article. Honestly, I have so many questions I feel like an IVF virgin all over again.

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Fertility Book Review: Dare To Dream

A book review of Dare To Dream by Izzy Judd, the wife of Harry Judd from McFly. Izzy explores her experience of PCOS, IVF and miscarriage in an honest, heartwarming book. Is an infertility autobiography written by someone in the public eye worth the read? Do the thoughts and feelings experienced by Izzy resonate with the reader? Check out the review to find out.

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Fertility Book Review: The Better Baby Book

A review of the Better Baby Book written by Dr Lana Asprey (genuine doctor) and Dave Asprey, a famous biohacker, if one can be famous for such a thing. All about how to have a healthier, smarter, happier baby but for those of us suffering with infertility it is how to whip that body and mind into shape to get pregnant through being super doper healthy. So, is it based in evidence? Does it work? Check out the review for further info.

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Fertility Book Review: Stick It To Me Baby

A book review of Stick It To Me Baby by Danica Thornberry, inserting spirit into the science of infertility. A book on mindset, emotions and spirituality to help you to conceive. Is it woo woo? Is it practical? Are the messages and case studies contained within this book inspirational? Check out the review for an honest account of my experience reading this book. Oh, and don’t judge it by the cover….  

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Fertility Book Review: The IVF Diet

A book review of The IVF Diet by Zita West, a hybrid between an IVF information book and a nutrition/recipe book.  For those wanting to be as healthy, calm and positive as possible heading into IVF, I thoroughly recommend this book. If you are wondering if this book is for you, how long it will take to read or whether the recipes are delicious or so ‘worthy’ that they will be mocked by your other half, then check out this book review for answers to these and other questions.

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Fertility Book Review: Taking Charge of your Fertility

If there is one fertility book I'd recommend above all others, it is Taking Charge of Your Fertility. It is the foundations upon which to build any dietary changes, lifestyle investments or fertility tests. Without the understanding in this book how do you know what is wrong with your fertility and whether any steps you are taking are working? Whilst waiting months in-between medical appointments and years in-between fertility treatments, this book empowers women to understand their bodies and take back control of their fertility. I would have been lost without it. A book review of one of the most important fertility books a woman can buy.

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INSTAGRAM: 10 of the BEST Infertility Accounts

There are plenty of accounts on Instagram focused on fertility treatment and infertility support along with an active and friendly infertility community.  It can be a lifesaver, a way of making you feel less alone throughout your fertility struggles.  Where do you start on Instragam? Who is worth a follow? In the view of The Preggers Kitchen, here are 10 of the best Instagram accounts on infertility.

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Fertility Book Review: Six Months to Change the World

This fertility book review delves in to Six Months to Change the World, a book all about what to eat in your last six months of pregnancy to give your baby the best start in life. The book’s main focus is sugar, how to maintain steady insulin levels in the mother in order not to curse your child with potential diabetes and obesity in later life. A sobering thought. 

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The Two Week Wait and Test day - The Preggers Kitchen IVF Series

IVF is emotionally tough and no aspect of it more so than the tortuous  two week wait.  Fighting bloating, severe blues, the temptation of Google searching (no good comes from that, you naughty temptress) and endless symptom spotting. It is a real arse.  There is no way round it, we all have to endure it.  I'd love to provide advice on how to ace the two week wait but unfortunately, to be honest, I didn't.  Not even close.  This article covers my two week wait, when to do a home pregnancy test (and not to test), what the blooming heck is a Beta, why you are p*ssing your money away by obsessing over line progression and what to expect at the callously named 'viability scan'.  

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What does your poo say about you? The hunt for the ‘golden Bristol’

Gut health is vitally important for fertility and in this post I explore how I am going about healing my gut, including:

  • what to look for in a poo (sorry),

  • fabulous cookbooks for gut friendly meals,

  • bone broth to sooth the tummy,

  • probiotics,

  • what I am cutting from my diet,

  • daily actions to help me detox, and more. 

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Infertility - Pressing pause on life (and fast forward on the body clock)

Many sacrifices are made in the name of fertility.  All my spare cash is spent on supplements with unpronounceable names or on a fertility masseuse to pummel my abdomen and do something to me feet that is only reserved for CIA black sites.  All my spare time and energy is spent reading books and research on fertility, like I’m doing a medical degree on a poorly administered night course with non-existent support and no qualification at the end of it.  So many things have been put on pause that I sometimes feel like I am no longer living my life.  Here are a few of the things that I would be enjoying if I were not infertile.

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The 'Perfect' cycle: What are the most fertile characteristics according to the evidence?

Many of us are coaxing, teasing, encouraging (and sometimes downright manipulating) our cycles to try to optimise our chances of conceiving.  So what are we aiming for?  If we could wake up tomorrow and pick every aspect of our future cycles, what does the research suggest we should chose to be the most fertile?

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5 things not to say to an infertile woman (or risk a punch in the face)

Given the distress and emotional angst that it causes, why are people so insensitive when talking about infertility to those who are suffering? 

I’m positive no harm is intended and that the authors of these comments may find it difficult to appreciate the inappropriateness.  In fact, they would probably be mortified to realise that their comments caused pain.  So let me help you out.  For any readers that have never suffered with fertility problems and don’t know what to say,  steer away from the comments in Part A and focus on those in Part B. You don't want to add more hurt to a suffering soul.

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Does my chart look right to you? Top tips from fertility awareness educator, Justina Thompson

Justina Thompson, a Holistic Fertility Coach and founder of Nourish Fertility, answers key questions on fertility awareness, including common mistakes women make when charting, what your chart can show you about your health, how long it actually takes to see the positive impacts of lifestyle changes on a cycle and much more.  Justina provides her recommendations for the top three books on fertility, for those who just love to geek out.  

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Is HSG procedure painful? Is the HSG like labour? God, I hope so.

The HSG is a fertility test used to check for blockages in fallopian tubes and abnormalities in the uterus.  It has a reputation in urban legend for being immensely painful. Writing a reassuring report was my original intention, to confirm that the horror stories were written by those with a penchant for hyperbole.  But it is with a reluctant heart that I join the ranks of the whiners and wimps.  In my experience the HSG can be described in one word: horrendous.

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