The 'Perfect' cycle: What are the most fertile characteristics according to the evidence?

Many of us are coaxing, teasing, encouraging (and sometimes downright manipulating) our cycles to try to optimise our chances of conceiving.  So what are we aiming for?  If we could wake up tomorrow and pick every aspect of our future cycles, what does the research suggest we should chose to be the most fertile?

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"Are you drinking chicken stock?" Fighting bone broth prejudice, one day at a time.

I wanted to drink my nutritious broth in place of a cup of tea at work, but I was worried about my reputation, which I fear was already suffering from the peeling and eating of boiled eggs at my desk.  Bone broth is what all the hipsters and cool yogis drink now, so it is definitely an acceptable drink, right?  If anything, my work colleagues may consider me to be too try-hard, a wannabe trendy Trudy.  I was wrong.  They thought I was weird.

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Cooking the books of infertility

Coping with infertility involves being continuously slapped in the face by reality, which is why it is so great to suspend real life for one reassuring, self-deluded moment.  Someone clever once described the body as the perfect accountant, what goes in comes out and nothing goes unnoticed.  If the body is the perfect accountant then my husband and I are, well, the exact opposite.

In moments of bounding optimism, we egg each other on to cook the books of infertility, and it goes something like this:

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