Fertility Treatment: How to Get The Best From The NHS

Fertility testing and treatments are confusing.  Add on top of that an NHS service where you are never quite sure you are getting what you are entitled to and where do you end up? In the swamp of uncertainty.  This post sets out all I have learnt about working the system, knowing what to expect, how to know when to challenge and what to do when things go wrong.

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Taking back control of my fertility

Ploughing all my energy in to taking charge of my own fertility provides me with the focus that I need to stay positive. My body wants to be healthy, it is trying to be fertile, it is seeking to heal itself and it is striving to reach homeostasis.  Because that is what human bodies do.  I just need to do all I can to help it along. 

In my usual style, I took 'taking control' a step further than a rational human being and set myself fertility goals to overcome my long, erratic and infertile cycles.  See how this strategy helped me to become more fertile and one step closer to that all important bump.


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What does your poo say about you? The hunt for the ‘golden Bristol’

Gut health is vitally important for fertility and in this post I explore how I am going about healing my gut, including:

  • what to look for in a poo (sorry),

  • fabulous cookbooks for gut friendly meals,

  • bone broth to sooth the tummy,

  • probiotics,

  • what I am cutting from my diet,

  • daily actions to help me detox, and more. 

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Cooking the books of infertility

Coping with infertility involves being continuously slapped in the face by reality, which is why it is so great to suspend real life for one reassuring, self-deluded moment.  Someone clever once described the body as the perfect accountant, what goes in comes out and nothing goes unnoticed.  If the body is the perfect accountant then my husband and I are, well, the exact opposite.

In moments of bounding optimism, we egg each other on to cook the books of infertility, and it goes something like this:

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