How long does it take to get referred for IVF - The Preggers Kitchen IVF Series

My estimated IVF timings were wrong, oh so very wrong.  In fact, they were out by 4 months and if I hadn’t pushed for an earlier initial consultation, they would have been out by 6. How did I get it so wrong? A failure to fully understand the process and making overly optimistic assumptions about efficiency and timeframes that bore no resemblance to the previous 3 years of long drawn out fertility investigations.

To avoid my mistakes and to help others to capitalise on my learning in order to avoid sinking into a pit frustration and despair (that joy comes later during the IVF two week wait), I’ve shared my IVF experience in a series of articles, beginning with a question I am frequently asked:  How long does it take to get referred for IVF?

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