Natural treatments - Lara Briden is a naturopathic doctor and the author if The Period Repair Manual.  Her website contains a wealth of information on fixing your cycles and fertility naturally. - If you haven't heard of this website before, where have you been?  It is an authority on natural treatments and information on fertility and features on the first page of nearly any internet search on natural fertility.  On the website you can helpfully look at specific cycle problems, or specific natural treatments, as well as plenty more.

Fertility awareness experts

The Fertility Friday Podcast - Fertility awareness expert Lisa interviews expert guests on all things fertility and cycle health related.  The topics, guests and research discussed it cutting edge and ahead of a lot of conventional westerner medicine practises. - Justina Thompson at Nourish Fertility is a fertility awareness expert and coach (and an amazing yogi too).  Her website provides great blog posts on the topics that matter and coaching services for people to work with Justina to learn more about cycle charting.

What to expect from NHS fertility treatment

NICE guidance Fertility problems: assessment and treatment - The latest guidance from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) on NHS treatment for fertility problems. NICE provide advice to the NHS on effective, good value healthcare based on evidence.  It is fair to have an expectation that your doctors will follow the NICE guidelines, or at least be able to provide a reasoned argument for why they are deviating from them.  Understanding what you should be able to expect from the NHS in terms of your fertility assessment and treatment puts some control back into your hands and provides a basis for you to constructively challenge the level of service you are receiving,

Provision of IVF services in your local area - IVF treatment it determined locally and therefore remains a postcode lottery in the UK.  It can be confusing trying to find the appropriate policy document describing what IVF services are commissioned in your local area.  Luckily, Fertility Fairness has researched all of the policies in England and put the information into an easy to read spreadsheet so that you can see what your area offers.