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About Me

So it turns out that it is not that easy.  Yes, sure some people get pregnant in the first month of trying, or even when they are not trying (and will be sure to share this information loudly in the presence of people who have been secretly trying for years), but three years after starting trying for a baby I'm lacking a bun in my oven.

I’m Amber. I’m 34 years old and I live in Surrey, England in a sweet little house with my husband Joe and our 6 year old rescue cat Roger, who struggles with weight management issues.  I am a full time civil servant, part time wedding veil maker, full time subfertile (let’s face it, it’s a job trying to get pregnant with fertility issues), I am learning the violin (badly) and speak Spanish (badly).  I have practised yoga for over 10 years, although I could not touch my toes for the first 5, and I used to run marathons and half marathons before sub fertility hit, which is a strange hobby for someone who dislikes running.  My natural tendency is to over commit and under deliver, which results in high levels of avoidable and self-imposed stress that drives my husband nuts.  I love to cook and can follow recipes beautifully but I’m not a natural flavour combiner when left to my own devices; my inedible four cheese salad and my unsuccessful beetroot buns are testaments to that.  I’m obsessed with watching extreme weight loss TV programmes (it’s totally inspirational, I will not hear a word said against it) and Instagram, my time spent on both induces a slow and deliberate eye roll from my tolerant husband.  Oh, and did I mention that I’m struggling with fertility?  That seems to have defined me for 3 years.  I could have shortened this paragraph to just: ‘Amber, infertile’.

It is a chance for me to remind myself how far I have come, share knowledge in case it is helpful to others and to hopefully connect with other people fighting the same good fight, because boy can infertility feel like a lonely place.     

About the Preggers Kitchen Website

Amber The Preggers Kitchen About me

We have been trying (and failing) to have a baby for three years.  My fertility history includes high prolactin, long and irregular cycles, hormone dysregulation, suspected PCOS (suspected by the consultant but not confirmed by hormone testing due to regulating my cycles prior to the tests), oestrogen dominance, short luteal phases and a very sensitive and poorly gut.  And no doubt other delights that have not been tested or found.  I have researched, read up on, studied, mused over my long list of fertility issues over the past few years and most of the findings of note are here on this website, to spare others less geeky than me from having to wade through the information.

During my fertility "journey" - a pretentious term but if by journey you mean a long, initially exciting but now totally tedious venture in which everyone you know left home after you but somehow arrived before you, then yes, journey is the correct description - I have gathered a multitude of research, information, strategies tips and gear (oh yes, there is even gear for trying to conceive).  I am on a mission to improve my fertility and health through natural food and lifestyle changes, with the hope that this will bring me closer to that ever elusive big fat positive.  This website is me sharing my trials and experiences in the quest for pregnancy and the results that these experiments (some sane, some a little more woo woo) have had on my body, health and menstrual cycles.  I’m a walking, talking petri dish and I will try pretty much anything to improve my fertility.  This website shares my knowledge in case it is helpful to others fighting the same good fight, because boy can infertility feel like a lonely place.     

Just to be clear, I am not a doctor or dietitian (if I were I would be better at spelling that word).  The content on this website is just for informational and educational purposes.  My lack of medical qualifications mean that I am not giving medical advice.  This does not stop my father-in-law, who frequently gives me dubious guidance on all sorts of bodily ailments.  Unlike my father-in-law, my ramblings are based on research and I have included links to the underlying information, guidance and evidence on this website so that you can view the information and make your own judgments.  Our bodies are all so different that what works (and doesn't) for me may be completely different for others.  We should all listen to our bodies.  Apart from when they tell us to eat sugar, it's OK to ignore that one.

The Preggers Kitchen features:

The Preggers Kitchen banana bread
  • Recipes for healthy, wholesome, fertility boosting foods
  • 10 steps I used to get my fertility back on track
  • My blog. A light hearted look at fertility topics, deep dives into my latest health experiments and guest posts
  • Online shop linking to all the fertility related swag that I have found useful
  • Resources page with links to plenty of helpful (often vital) information to learn more
  • Information and suggestions for how to help some common cycle problems
  • And much more

Getting started

Changing my lifestyle and nutrition to get my fertility back on track has been overwhelming at times.  But it does not have to be.  It is all about taking a small step each day in the right direction.  There is no need to tackle everything at once; that would lead me to sit down in the middle of the kitchen floor and burst in to tears.  Instead, choose one positive change that can be made each day (drinking more water, committing to healthy breakfasts, going to bed earlier etc) and get it nailed before moving on to the next.  For more info, visit the page explaining how I got started.

I hope this website is helpful and please feel free to send me an email, about anything.  I love receiving mail.